Hot Drinks


All of our coffee is roasted by BUTTERWORTH & SON


Double espresso with hot water. Strong with lots of mouthfeel. Ask for milk (hot or cold) on the side if you must.



A double shot of coffee topped with textured milk. The one with chocolate dusting!



Short intense ‘shot’ of coffee

Double £2.10
Single £1.70

Filter Coffee

Butterworth’s Coffee of the Moment freshly filtered on our state-of-the-art brewer. Cleaner flavours than an American due to the paper brew method and providing more taste to nuances. The connoisseurs choice.


Pot of tea


Flat White

Short and milky with lots of coffee flavour.


Hot Chocolate

Vegan dark chocolate with textured milk.



Very milky coffee with the least intense coffee flavours.


Long Black

Short version. of an American with lots of mouthfeel due to the double espresso used to make this drink.



Double espresso with hot chocolate.